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Next Meeting:

East Academic Building 392, March 31st, 3-4pm 

About Us

The Sustainability Coalition is an open, voluntary, stakeholder forum that anyone may join and contribute to the conversation and action for a sustainable campus and community. Open discussions about initiatives and projects brought forward are welcomed and encouraged. Meetings are held monthly during the academic year in EAB Room 392.         


The Webster University Sustainability Coalition promotes ongoing activities led by faculty, staff, and students on and off campus aimed at developing and implementing sustainability-focused goals. The Sustainability Coalition supports and encourages these and new initiatives to further achieve Webster’s mission, vision, and core values. The Coalition works to educate the campus community and our partners on sustainability issues, opportunities, and possible actions for solutions.


The Webster University Sustainability Coalition will be recognized for global leadership in sustainable practices, academic integration, and community outreach. The coalition engages in leading the university community to achieve individual excellence and global citizenship through awareness and knowledge of issues, challenges and approaches to solutions related to sustainability.