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Welcome to the Student Success Portal.  You are entering a holistic system that will allow you to be an engaged and true partner in your academic journey. While you will find important information here, it does not replace personal interactions with your faculty members and academic advisor.  This portal is meant to enhance your experience and give you options for how you seek assistance at Webster.

The Student Success Portal is a tool that provides you with a central location to connect to the people and services that can help you finish what you start. It enables you to effectively engage with the Webster community and ultimately achieve your academic goals.

Click here to download a Student Success Portal flyer that is both informational and promotional.

Student Benefits

  • Single sign-on through Connections and WorldClassRoom.
  • A convenient and interactive platform that gives you 24/7 access to your success team and the ability to schedule meetings with key representatives from areas that ensure your success.
  • The ability to communicate detailed information about your needs directly to your success team in real time.
  • Another way for faculty members to communicate with you about your classroom experience and for your success team to offer support regarding any concerns.
  • A single location to receive notifications from faculty members, your advisor and key campus personnel.

Information You Need To Know

  • The Student Success Portal is protected under the Family Educational Rights and Protection Act (FERPA).
  • The purpose of the Student Success Portal is to give you immediate information about your academic journey and those individuals connected to you to support your experience.
  • Most alerts in the systems are viewable by you, the faculty or staff member who raised them, and any individual who may be associated with the alert. These alerts are meant to connect everyone with the common goal of ensuring your academic success.

Getting Started

Student Getting Started Guide
Introducing the Student Success Portal
Scheduling Appointments


Video Tutorials

Introduction to Webster's Student Success Portal

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