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Meetings will be held every two weeks. See Facebook page for more information.

The Webster Film and Video Society is a student-run organization that draws the student community together to view films and discuss technical and aesthetic aspects of film with peers. The society provides the means to find others willing to assist on film and video projects, as well as maintains a list of willing actors and crew.

WFVS is an organization dedicated to students in all of the aspects to film and video including:

  • Actors & Actresses
  • Audio (boom op, sound recordist, sound editor, sound mixer, composers, lyricist)
  • Cameras (cinematography, camera operators)
  • Directing
  • Producing
  • Editing
  • Lighting (gaffers, best boys)
  • Screenwriting (script doctors, script coordinators, script supervisors)
  • Hair/makeup artists
  • Costume designers
  • Set directors
  • Behind the scenes documentor

We want our Webster University students to be able to connect, network and gain practice for current and future film and video projects.

Webster Film and Video Society (WFVS) web site

President: Alex Hongs

Treasurer: Ervin Dubo

Advisor: James Harrison

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