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Five Faculty for School of Communications

ST. LOUIS (August 18, 2017) – Responding to program needs and upcoming retirements, the School of Communications welcomes five new faculty members this fall.

Lisa Brunette head shotLisa Brunette is a visiting assistant professor in Games & Game Design. She is an award-winning instructor, game designer, and novelist. Among her many teaching credits, she held a tenured position at Pierce College in Washington. Her game credits include hundreds of titles for publishers such as Big Fish, Sky Harbor, and Nintendo. She also has new games scheduled for release in fall 2017. Brunette has a long list of bylines as a journalist, short-story writer, and poet. She holds an MFA in fiction from the University of Miami, as well as a BAs in English and American Studies from St. Louis University.

Casey Hunter head shotCasey Hunter is a visiting assistant professor in Audio Production. Hunter has been an adjunct faculty member with the School of Communications for about 10 years. He has been a managing partner with Spectra Audio Systems for over 20 years. Hunter has a long track record of success as a sound designer, audio engineer, production manager, and tour manager in music, theater, and special events. He has a BA in Jazz Studies with an emphasis in Commercial Music from Webster University and is working on an MA in New Media Production.

Mark Saxon head shotMark Saxon is a part-time instructor and faculty advisor to The Journal, Webster University’s student newspaper. Most recently, Saxon worked for ESPN, covering major league baseball and college football. He became the first ESPN reporter assigned to cover the St. Louis Cardinals on a full-time basis. He has worked for print publications including the Orange County Register, the Oakland Tribune, and ANG newspapers. Saxon has a Master’s of Journalism degree from the University of California Berkeley and a BA in Politics from UC Santa Cruz.  

Julie Smith head shotJulie Smith is a visiting instructor in Media Communications and Digital Literacy. She has been teaching in the School of Communications for more than 15 years and at Southern Illinois University Edwardsville for 10 years. Her book, Master the Media: How Teaching Media Literacy Can Save our Plugged-In World, has helped make her a widely sought-after speaker at local, national and international conferences and workshops. She has an MS in Mass Communications from Southern Illinois University Edwardsville, and a BA in Communications/Public Relations from the University of Tulsa.

Josh Yates head shot Joshua Yates is a visiting assistant professor in Games & Game Design. Yates is a veteran game developer and entrepreneur. He is president and executive producer at Accordion Games, an independent game development studio in St. Louis. Under his leadership, the studio has expanded from web and mobile games into licensed development for Sony, Nintendo, and Microsoft consoles. Yates is finishing an MA in History from the University of Central Missouri, doing his thesis on the Bioshock game series and is working on an MFA in Writing from Lindenwood University.

The School also welcomes Associate Dean Elza Ibroscheva, Coordinator - Student Success and Retention Lori Smith Jennaway, Academic Advisor Beth Rowe, and Representative for the Electronic and Photographic Media Department Sharon Turner. Please join us in welcoming all our new colleagues to the Webster community.

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